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Welcome to R2R Auto Detailing

Here at Rags2Riches, we use a dry car wash to efficiently clean your car without waste water.  Our steam driven, eco-friendly process breaks up dirt particles and encases them in a moist layer that can then be wiped with a rag to a clean and shiny finish.

Our three rag technique uses three levels of microfiber towels to clean and hand polish your car to a shine that will make you feel rich, no matter what you drive.


Exterior Steam cleaning is a world wide practice that is growing in popularity. The heat from the steam lifts dirt and debris from scratches and imperfections on your clear coat. The 230-350 degree temperature does not harm or melt your clearcoat in any way. The steam is safe and effective at breaking down dirt to tenths of a molecule. Cleans tires and wheels to a factory shine. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Choose your road to Riches


  • Steam Wash and Detail (Exterior only)- $85/$110/$125

  • Steam Wash W/Ceramic coat (Add)- $10/$15/$25

  • Interior wash/Sanitize- $85/$110/$125

Advantages To Our System

  • Eco friendly waterless system cleans with no waste water                                     

  • We come to you with a waterless system that can clean your vehicle in your garage, driveway, parking stall, showroom etc. There is no overspray.

  • No soaps or chemicals so no residue                                                                                  

  • Cuts through dirt, road grime and moss with ease                                                      

  • Sanitizes and deodorizes by killing germs, bacteria, mold and odors                 

  • No water spots or swirl marks                                                                                              

  • Your car will shine like glass!                                                                                                 

Cash or credit cards only

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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